Movie Magic Monday : Boyfriend’s choice 🎬🌟

So this week my boyfriend chose nearly every film that we watched. I hadn’t actually seen any of these so it was kind of exciting to watch something a bit different. Have to say that some of these films really weren’t something I would have chosen but guess that just makes it more exciting. Taken…… Continue reading Movie Magic Monday : Boyfriend’s choice 🎬🌟

Cocktail Masterclass – Revolution Birmingham

So recently I went to a cocktail masterclass at Revolution in Birmingham, I met up with some friends and we had a great time. The masterclass itself is a very reasonable price and they offer a few packages that you can choose from. We went for the masterclass with party nibbles that was £30.00 per…… Continue reading Cocktail Masterclass – Revolution Birmingham

Mini NYX haul – My fabulous new purchases

So recently my foundation has been running out and I started thinking about what brand to try next (I love Urban Decays’ All nighter foundation but I just used it too quickly and can’t splash out that sort of money at the moment). I’d heard a lot of good things about NYX’s total drop control…… Continue reading Mini NYX haul – My fabulous new purchases

Movie Magic Monday 🎬🌟 : Oh, Colin Firth

Hey everyone, hope you're still enjoying reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it. This week I've chosen to write about films that Colin Firth is in. It came about when I was watching St Trinians and I was like 'aye I forgot he was in this film'.I also realised how many films…… Continue reading Movie Magic Monday 🎬🌟 : Oh, Colin Firth

Benefit galore ✨✨✨✨

So I was super lucky and won a contest on Instagram for me and my girl. The competition was on Red Letters Day, you just needed to tag one of your friends and say why you wanted to win. I tagged my housemate Meg and said that we were stressed little eggs because she was…… Continue reading Benefit galore ✨✨✨✨

Movie Magic Monday: Girl Power

Hey, hope you've had a lovely weekend.My Movie Magic post this week is a little different from the last couple of weeks, I'm going to focus on 'girl power' movies rather than a range of films. I've been feeling a little mopey this week so I've been thinking about movies with kick ass women that really…… Continue reading Movie Magic Monday: Girl Power

Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit : My First Beauty Box

I was super excited when I saw this advertised in Cosmo and I’d wanted to try out a beauty box for a really long time but due to being a broke bitch and there being way too much choice to wrap my little head around I decided to just order myself a little present. So…… Continue reading Cosmopolitan Holiday Edit : My First Beauty Box